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The Sounds of Dena’ina

The sounds of the Dena’ina alphabet differ in many cases from those in the English alphabet, even thought the symbols may be the same. These “keywords” are designed to provide examples of how to pronounce each letter of the Dena’ina alphabet. For each letter in the Dena’ina alphabet, a set of “keywords” containing that letter is given, illustrating the pronunciation of that letter. Some of the keywords also compare the letter to other letters with similar sounds. Choose a letter in the menu to see and hear the keywords for that letter.

Keywords are available for each dialect.

  • Upper Inlet Keywords by Sava Stephan
  • Inland Keywords by Helen Dick
  • Iliamna Keywords by Walter Johnson
  • Kenai (Outer Inlet) Keywords by Fedosia Sacaloff, Bertha Monfor, and Peter Kalifornsky

At the moment only the Upper Inlet keywords are available online.